"Foodease makes it easy for parents and staff to order food, pay for food and serve food."
Cyril Spiro

About Foodease

From the makers of Lotterease comes Foodease! We’ve taken our years of experience serving charter schools with outstanding enrollment lottery software and created a new more advanced, easy-to-use food service application. In addition, we bring to Foodease our well known superior customer service and highly-praised reasonable pricing. Get a Foodease demo and see the difference for yourself!

Make food service as easy as possible with Foodease!

Our System

We've made sure to include all the features on the right to make the food service process easy for you.

Whether your school prepares its own food or orders meals each day, Foodease can handle your needs. From parents ordering food and/or adding money to their account, to ordering food from restaurants and serving meals or serving in-house prepared food, Foodease handles every step of the way with ease and at a price your school can afford.
  • Easy Online Parent Ordering
  • Fast POS Order Entry
  • Secure Vendor Login For Order Delivery
  • Save Favorite Report Types

     Automatically Notifies Parents when:

  • Auto-pay has Added Money to Account
  • Changes have been made to Account
  • Account Balance is Low
  • Create Multiple Product Levels
  • Unlimited Menu Options
  • Modify Forms for Parents
  • Customize Emails to Parents
  • Modify & Export Reports
  • Always Accessible Orders History
  • Logs Successfully Received Emails
  • Records Every Click
  • Record of Child Consumption History

School Staff

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In order to Login to use the Foodease system,
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In order to Login to use the Foodease system, please click on the Login button

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Our System

Our system is easy to use and thorough in its approach to your food service.


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Contact Info

Parents who want to ask a question concerning their school’s food service should contact their school of choice by visiting that school’s website.
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  • Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm